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We recognize that the evolution of public health advice and government requirements will influence and restrict activities in the facility, how the return to the court will occur. Facility flexibility will continue to be required at this time. The guidance on this page is, therefore, dynamic and will continue to be regularly reviewed and revised.

  • 4th Quarter Training Facility audit of building for proper ventilation.
  • Mandatory COVID 19 Awareness Training for access to facility
  • Facility Checklists and Templates. If documents have been updated with revisions since being initially posted, they will have a date in the footer.
  • Development/communication of facility-specific standard operating procedures.
  • Actions:
    • Mandatory COVID-19 Awareness training must be completed by all employees
    • Employees are required to:
      • Identify and understand the hazard (COVID-19)
      • Identify the impacted individuals (all members of the 4th Quarter Training Facility)
      • Evaluate measures to control the hazard
      • Implement appropriate measures to control the hazard

How will you screen for COVID-19?

For all staff, coaches, and players, the completion of the self assessment tool available online at and/or in-person at the 4th Quarter Facility is required no more than one hour before arriving onsite and follow the recommendations provided. Confirmation of completion must be provided to the individual on-site supervisor (manager, director, instructor, etc.). Checklists have been developed to ensure compliance.

How will you control the risk of transmission in your workplace?

Facility Admission

Facility guidelines and protocols must be followed for the safety of all staff, participants, and the greater community; any violations could result in the termination of the booking contract. To mitigate risks related to its facilities, the 4th Quarter Training is implementing the following facility admission and access protocols:

General Access

  1. The general public will not be permitted access to the venue.
  2. No guest (parents, family, friends, etc…) will be allowed in the facility.
  3. Entrances will have signage and floor markings to encourage physical distancing and to control access through the facility.
  4. Signage and barriers are installed to guide members in and out of the facility and to each of the spaces.
  5. Members’ access into the facility will be limited to the administrative, coaching staff, and players ONLY.
  6. User groups will be required to report at the sign-in desk for check-in when accessing the facility.

Member Access

  1. Access will be limited to those participating in the booked activity i.e. participants, instructors, coaches.
  2. Designated entrance and exits for each court will be located to/from the exterior of the facility.
  3. At the entrance, signs are installed to inform patrons that:
    1. Members must not enter if they suspect they have COVID-19 or if they have any of the known COVID-19 symptoms.
    2. Members must be wearing a face covering.
    3. Members must maintain a physical distance of 2 metres from other members and staff.
    4. On arrival, members must disinfect their hands with hand sanitizer
    5. Members should avoid the facility if they are at high-risk of COVID-19 contraction or severe illness.
  4. All players must arrive dressed and are permitted to use the design court to prepare for training.
  5. You must vacate the facility immediately after your rental time is finished (within 10 minutes).
  6. The water fill stations will be disabled, so you must bring your own pre-filled water bottle.
  7. No Lost & Found. All items left in the facility will be disposed of.
  8. Food and drinks will not be allowed into the facility and must be consumed outside.

What will you do if there is a potential case, or suspected exposure to, COVID-19 at your facility?

Sick Employees/Members

  • If an employee/member should experience symptoms during their shift, they are to inform their supervisor or manager and immediately leave the facility.
  • The employee/member experiencing symptoms must go straight home and call the Health Unit for further guidance related to testing and self-isolation.
  • Clean and disinfect any surfaces that the ill employee/member has come into contact with.